A Review of American Seoul – Lana Cho and Ryu Byung Man

The first half of the third season of American Seoul has finally concluded with an episode that introduced a new main character in Hulu’s Kim Tae Hee. It was already been speculated that actress Sonoya it would be joining the show, but her role was not revealed until the final episode. However, in the episode, it was revealed that she will be playing Hye Su Soo, the boss of the Doojis in the Korean story.

Here are some of the main points of the preview for the coming
episodes of American Seoul series. Hye Su Soo is a secret agent of the Kwon Doo clan, who had been dispatched to take care of Park Tae Hee’s unstable personal life. As the head of the Dojis, Hye Su Soo had always disapproved of Park Tae Hee’s relationship with his
personal assistant, Nell. But when he realizes that his own daughter was involved with Tae Hee, he had no choice but to agree with Nell’s decision.

Hye Su Soo took charge of the Kwon Doo clan and started to monitor Tae Hee’s activities. And one day he had a meeting with his old enemy – Kim Tae Hee. Since both girls are sworn enemies, the two had to come to a bitter mutual agreement. In order to appease Hye Su Soo, Park Tae Hee agrees to hand over Nell to Hye Su Soo’s granddaughter, Dooju. At first, things went well for the duo as
they formed an uneasy alliance against Tae Hee.

But soon, Hye Su Soo discovered that Park Tae Hee was planning to give Nell to Hye Su Soo’s granddaughter in exchange for her own freedom. Meanwhile, a new girl named Ryu Byung Man tried to join the Doojis. But when she failed to convince Park Tae Hee to hand over Nell, he turned her over to the police. This was too much for Ryu Byung Man who then attempted to poison Park
Tae Hee.

But when Nell recovered, she turned the tables on Park Tae Hee and shot him. Park Tae Hee then died and left Nell to live up in the United States under the watchful eye of her new friend, Lana Cho. Unfortunately, things didn’t end there. After taking Nell back with her, Cho gave her new name, Harmony Lee. Her first assignment in America was to take care of her friend, Ryu Byung Man. This resulted in the two girls bonding over their difficulties with America.

Eventually, the two decided to get each other a promotion to become a real girl so that their friendship could still continue. For those who want to watch entire episodes, the first season is available on Hulu Plus. If you don’t have this kind of access, it is definitely worth watching one episode at a time. The show’s first episode is very emotional due to the transition between Nell and Harmony as their new girl friend. The show is not for the squeamish, but it is also not wholesome by any means.

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